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The Art & Practice of HypnoEngineering

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Dr. Richard Bandler & John La Valle recognized & designated Elvis Lester in March 12, 2007,
at the Society of NLP Trainer’s Training (Orlando, Florida), as the
“First-Ever” Licensed NLP Change Master™ (Society of NLP)
 for his exquisite work inspired by Dr. Richard Bandler’s work.

Coach & Consult w/ Elvis     Mentoring w/ Elvis


Ho would you like to learn how to DO hypnosis with accelerated language and
technics that will
TranceForm the results you require?

How much do you know about NLP, Neuro-Hypnotic Re-patterning and Ericksonian Hypnosis and
the power and influence these technologies can have on you and/or your clients?

How would you like to
experience what it be like for you to learn for yourself - mindfirst -
how you
DO TRANCE and how you can use these technics to transform minds and lives?

For more information on upcoming courses and trainings, contact Elvis Keith Lester at
Elvis@hypnotechnics.com .


Just stare at the the hypnoidal disc or the black dot above for just a few moments and let go - relax - unwind...
Because you can enjoy on the inside what it's like to appreciate your ability to release and do trance easily and completely.


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